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America’s Online Sportsbook & Race Wagering


America’s Online Sportsbook & Race Wagering

Preakness Stakes is an exciting thoroughbred horse race event loved by horse racing enthusiasts. The American horse race events occur every May at Pimlico Race Course Baltimore, Maryland. Preakness Stakes is the second leg of the Triple Crown after the Kentucky Derby. Caesars casino partners with Inspired Entertainment games to provide the latest generation games for users. Another perk to its gaming is the generous bonus offers, especially for new players. Wagering on virtual horse racing is quite different from betting on the usual horse racing. Virtual horse racing does not have any real-world presence.

There will be many different types of races that you will come across with virtual horse racing. Certain races will have strong favorites, while others will be a lot more evenly spread out. If there is a strong favorite in a field, you should definitely take note of that fact.

  • Make a plan that you can afford and use your money management skills to bet accordingly and responsibly.
  • That said, the key difference between the two is that virtual horse racing has no basis in reality – that is, it’s not based on real horses, tracks, jockeys, trainers, or results.
  • Exotic betting refers to any wager involving two or more horses, regardless of whether the horses are in the same race.
  • In some cases, offenders may settle a fine on the spot to fix any gambling complaints.
  • It ranges from the Gambling Act of 1935 to the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 1999.

With all these life-like graphics and speedy advantages, you will hardly notice that you are wagering on a digital version of the sport. Moreover, you do not need a deep knowledge of Bacanaplay Casino horses to get into it. Virtual horse racing is an increasingly popular pastime among bettors, so it’s no surprise that bookies are offering bonuses and promos to attract punters.

#2 Virtual Sport & Horse Racing with BetMGM Casino

You will not get the same variety as real-life horse racing. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy a ton of betting options. Virtual horse racing attempts to replicate real racing as far as possible. As such, you can bet on several different types of horse races. Along with flat racing, options include jump racing, sprint racing and harness racing. Whether you’re watching a bustling event from home or cheering on your horse beside the track at Cheltenham or Aintree, real horse racing has a magic of its own. Recent years have seen significant improvements to the software used to power virtual horse racing and other virtual sports.

Thoroughbred racing is what most people generally think of when they imagine horse racing, even if they’re not aware of what it’s specifically called. Thoroughbred racehorses, ridden by jockeys, run a set distance on a flat grass or dirt surface. The total length of each race typically varies from just under half of a mile (or four furlongs) to 1.5 miles (or 12 furlongs). Races are usually measured in furlongs if they are less than a mile. Thoroughbred horses are typically taller and slender, built for middle-to-longer distance races instead of sprints. This is basically a way to pick all possible outcomes for an exotic bet on one ticket. Say you want to bet on a Trifecta, but you want to give yourself some wiggle room.

Best US Horse Racing Sportsbooks (

Also, it is computer-controlled and 100% simulated according to RNG parameters. Sportsbooks must provide several kinds of lucrative betting offers to new and existing players. Players love free stuff, and the welcome bonus is a beautiful example. The majority of the time you won’t see real-life horses or jockeys making up the fields for virtual horse racing. These are markets that can offer much better payouts for your wagers, even if you are sticking with the relative favorite for a given spectacle. While the odds of your bet winning will be lower, the rewards will be more lucrative if you are successful.

Other essential factors in evaluating include deposit/payout speeds, the competitiveness of odds, registration bonuses, loyalty rewards, and live-streaming. Betting on horse racing is where sports betting began over 100 years ago, including the Kentucky Derby, which is the longest running sporting event in the US. Historical Horse Racing machines are available across the US, in bars, cardrooms, and Class II casinos. These are not technically gambling games, as they use defined historical data in all of their races. Since the races play out identically to their real-world counterparts, they are not random in any way and are thus not “gambling” by definition. Virtual racing, however, usually uses fixed odds, so you know exactly how much you stand to win, no matter what. That said, some virtual betting sites may use pari-mutuel style wagering, shifting their lines and payouts accordingly.

It has been around since 2014 and has quickly built up a great reputation in the sector. It is usually seen as being the top choice if you are looking at virtual horse racing, with having top-tier features and stream quality. The most basic type of betting market that you will come across will be the race-winner market.

Difference between online horse racing betting and in-person

Betting on horse racing can be difficult for newbies owing to its unique vocabulary and complex wagering options. On the other hand, understanding the fundamentals might help simplify the procedure. It is easy to spend too much money on regular horse racing. Another often overlooked strategy is to set a daily win limit to lock in any profits you attain on a good day. It is common knowledge in the gaming industry that players often turn winning days into losing days due to simple greed. They go on a hot run, rack up some nice win totals, and then give it all right back the very same day.

Exacta betting

Our guide to virtual race betting gives you the essential information on this online opportunity. From the pros and cons of virtual racing to the different bet types and the bonuses available at the UK’s top bookies, we’ve got you covered. Betting on horse racing has been a famous activity for a very long time. Today, the entire wagering process on horse racing bets has become extremely seamless due to mobile apps or online horse racing betting sites’ debut.

Fixed-odds wagering

The horse’s track behaviour may have a pattern that affects its performance. Study its past and determine if now is the moment to gamble on it. If you do the calculations, you’ll discover that the odds are higher if you bet against your favourite horse rather than for it. It’s effectively 1/3 if you bet on your favoured one and 2/3 against it. Technically, the more difficult a bet is, the higher the outcome. We’ll start with the most basic bet – Traditional/straight bets and proceed to Exotic bets.

However, you can still enjoy this new and exciting market, and our legal US guide for online virtual horse betting will show you exactly how to go about it. Also, you do not even have to gamble with real money to be guilty of gambling. Those playing anything that appears to be gambling, like play money online poker, can face penalties, ranging from a 1,000 THB fine to one year jail time. However, authorities do not seem to be very interested in online gamblers. Most players who have been prosecuted for gambling are those playing in underground casinos or were reported by someone. In some cases, offenders may settle a fine on the spot to fix any gambling complaints. Virtual sports are big business for bookies, and many sites offer action on several sports.

To bet successfully on horse racing games, you need to learn about the available bet types. There are a ton of bet types available for single/multiple races. A feature that could reduce the reach and acceptance of a betting site for most users is an app.

The Kentucky Derby is the first of the three Triple Crown races. It’s usually held on the first Saturday of May and is arguably the most famous horse race of the season. It is the only annual horse race that has run uninterrupted since its inaugural race in 1875. It also has the largest purse of any Triple Crown event at $3 million, with approximately $1.86 million going to the winner. The first prize alone is greater than the entire purse of the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness States, and the attendance/excitement around the race reflects this.

Betting on horse racing has never been easier, thanks to the ramp-up of mobile and online horse betting in the US. Three online sportsbooks dominate the market, including TVG and TwinSpires. In horse racing, mobile and online betting has advantages, such as access to a wider variety of bet types. It can sometimes come with additional perks, such as live streaming, for those who can’t attend a simulcast event. This will give you peace of mind when you are placing real money bets on these virtual races.

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